Large numbers of dead menhaden fish washing up on Eastern Shore beaches

Posted at 2:35 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 14:35:55-04

CAPE CHARLES, Va. - The Virginia Marine Resources Commission is investigating after large numbers of dead fish washed ashore at Kiptopeke State Park.

According to the VMRC, on July 25, Omega Protein reported that a reduction fishing vessel caught large red drum while harvesting menhaden. While attempting to release some of the red drum and menhaden back into the waters, the fish died due to a combination of net stress and water temperatures.

As a result, dead fish washed ashore over the following days.

Cleanup crews and additional resources are working to remove the dead fish from the water and beaches. According to the VMRC, the total number of fish is still unknown.

The Virginia Marine Police is investigating the incident to determine if violations occurred.