Latest conversation in YWCA's 'Stand Against Racism' challenge stresses importance of representation in media

Telling the stories that matter to our communities
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Posted at 8:28 PM, Apr 15, 2022
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NORFOLK, Va. - A couple weeks ago, News 3 told you about the YWCA's 21-day "Stand Against Racism" challenge. We’re following up with the challenge, continuing our conversation that the organization hopes will help provide a space for people to work together towards eliminating racism.

Next up in this series of conversations is the importance of representation in television and media.

And it doesn’t just matter what the people look like, but that they are also telling stories that matter to our communities.

We spoke to an assistant professor of theater at Old Dominion University who tells us there are still inequities and barriers to getting ahead in the industries, but she stressed the importance of educating others about those invisible barriers.

“There are multiple ways to tie a shoe, so they all look the same. In the end, you got the bow at the top, but you sometimes do a loop-de-loops; you have rabbit ears, whatever. But at the end of the day, it's still your shoe - it has been tied, right? I want people to learn how to tie their shoes differently - to know that in the end it’s not going to trip you up if you have to learn a new thing a new way,” said Brittney Harris, assistant professor of theater at ODU.

Harris suggested checking out new filmmakers of color and supporting on-camera actors, as well as those behind the scenes.

And one place to start is in our own communities.

The YWCA’s Stand Against Racism challenge runs until May 1. Click here for more information on how you can register and take part.