Lidl to launch price-cutting campaign as grocery prices rise nationally

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Posted at 3:30 PM, Jun 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-04 15:30:08-04

As grocery prices continue to rise across the nation, one grocery store is set to launch a price-cutting campaign.

Lidl has launched a new initiative to drop prices on more than 100 items in all of its stores across nine east coast states, including all stores in Virginia.

The price-cutting campaign will kick off on June 8 and extend until August.

According to Lidl, customers can expect to save more than $50.

“As many families contend with rising prices due to inflation, we hope to ease their financial burden at the checkout counter by investing even more to lower our prices,” said Lidl US President and CEO Michal Lagunionek. “This price-cutting drive is part of Lidl’s ongoing commitment to offer the best value in every community we serve.”

Sample Summer of Savings Product List
Product Name

Product Name New PriceSavings
AVA Black Angus Top Sirloin Steak$8.44$1.00
AVA Boneless CC Pork Chops$4.39$0.85
roasted whole bell peppers$4.19$0.50
Starkist Tuna Pouch$1.00$0.37
classic hummus, family size$3.20$0.35
medium wheat tortillas$1.59$0.20
Black Bean Burger 4pk$3.45$0.34
Mandarin Oranges, canned$0.95$0.14
Paper Towel 2x125$3.35$0.64
Gallon Freezer Bag with Slider$1.75$0.44
Lidl Preferred Selection smoked Atlantic salmon tortelloni$3.15$0.84
dried cherries$1.85$0.94
100% orange juice, pulp free$3.49$0.95
ground coffee, classic roast$5.99$0.99
Lidl Preferred Selection™ tortelloni, shrimp and burrata cheese$3.15$0.84
frozen vegetable lasagna$6.29$0.70
Potato Salad$3.19$0.55
Gelatelli mini mix classic frozen dairy dessert bars$4.85$0.54
Lidl Preferred Selection pepperoni$3.59$0.40
Solevita lemonade$1.95$0.34
Lidl Preferred Selection pitted Kalamata olives in brine$1.89$0.26
Animal Crackers$2.75$0.30
frozen vegetable mini egg rolls$5.39$0.60
original bratwurst$3.49$1.23
hot Italian sausages$3.49$1.23
100% apple juice$1.48$1.20
Lidl Preferred Selection multi-grain crisps, fig and olive$3.59$0.40
Lidl Preferred Selection pound cake$2.25$1.23

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