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Amelia military dad surprises children after year-long deployment

Posted at 8:11 PM, Nov 06, 2020

AMELIA COUNTY, Va. -- It's been a year like no other for many. For two siblings in Amelia County, it was because they've spent the last year waiting for their parents to return home from deployment.

Master Sergeant Daniel Brown, who serves in the U.S. Air Force and just finished a year-long deployment in South Korea, surprised his son D.J. at Amelia County Elementary School and his seventh grade daughter Abygail in class at Amelia County Middle School.

It was a reunion of a life-time once the two were reunited with their father when they least expected it.

"I'm happy to be back home with my kids. It's been a rough year for many people, especially with the COVID pandemic. Imagine being kids and not having your mom or your dad around through it all. It can be tough," Msgt. Brown said.

D.J. and Abygail's mom, Master Seargant Shannon Brown, is also serving a year-long deployment on a different military base in South Korea. She says she will be returning home to her family in Amelia sometime in January 2021.

"I'm proud of the positive attitudes they [D.J. and Abygail] kept throughout the year, and thankful that my mom was able to care for them while my wife and I were both gone," Msgt. Brown added.

D.J.'s teacher said she's glad she and the other students got a chance to be apart of the special moment for the family, as it's a good reminder of why they say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and honor those fighting for our country.