Local stylist starts nonprofit to support men with cancer after dad dies from prostate cancer

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Posted at 5:09 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 17:37:19-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A fresh cut can make a man feel like a million bucks, but for Christopher Maltaya, losing hair has hurt his confidence.

“Over the years it’s gotten thinner and thinner, so much so that even my coworkers would make remarks about it,” Maltaya said.

His hair loss is caused by alopecia, an immune system disorder, that only worsened with the added stress of an incredibly difficult year.

“My best friend just passed away and he had cancer,” Maltaya explained. “One of the last conversations we had when he had cancer was when he lost his hair and how that was really hard for him.”

Maltaya knows all too well how difficult hair loss is, so he turned to Becky Styles — a fitting name for a woman who does wonders with not only styling but adding hair pieces to enhance any look.

“Men have nowhere to go, so they just go home and suffer in silence or put a hat on and go to treatment," Styles said.

This is one reason she’s launching a new nonprofit to give men with cancer a community they can turn to.

“They don’t have any support groups that cater to the aesthetics that men need when they are going through cancer treatment, hair loss, physical, mental when it comes to cancer.”

It’s a deeply personal project for Styles, who lost her father to prostate cancer. She’s calling it Samson’s Crown.

“When I read the Bible Samson always thought his strength lay in his hair and it really didn’t. The strength was on the inside," Styles said.

That’s something Maltaya already knows, but it shows with his new look from Styles.

“It’s not just the hair that I’m interested in. I’m interested in helping someone be a better them,” she explained.

Samson’s Crown will be based out of Glamour Hollywood Salon and Spa in Virginia Beach where clients look at hair options and use all the spa amenities for free.

Samson’s Crown will host a silent auction and drag show April 18 to support new clients.

Becky Styles can be reached by emails at