Mario and Luigi 'fund-race' around Norfolk for Special Olympics

Posted at 4:25 PM, Feb 04, 2020

NORFOLK, Va.— A pair of plumbers are gaining a lot of attention in Norfolk, but it’s not their handiwork that’s got people talking; it’s their charity work.

Two roommates are banding together as brothers for the Virginia Beach Polar Plunge on February 8.

Cameron Smith suited up in the blue and red Mario costume while his college roommate, Kyle Bush, dressed as Luigi, was fittingly by his side.

The Mario Brothers were off to the fund-races at Old Dominion University Tuesday afternoon.

The two took to the streets for the second time Tuesday in a decked-out tricycle that resembles the video game character’s famous go-kart.

The Nintendo characters aren’t playing games. They are serious about reaching a goal to for a special cause. They've already handed out more than 125 fliers to spread their message about their fundraising goals.

“It’s all for the kids. It’s all for a great cause. It’s all for just the joy of those athletes,” says Smith.

For the fifth year in a row, Smith is participating in the Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics, and it’s not his first time coming up with a clever costume.

“Three years ago, we were Santa and the elf. We raised about $300. Last year, we did the Mario and Luigi; we raised about $1,000.”

Their 2020 goal is to raise $1,500. As of Tuesday afternoon, they are a little over a third of the way to reaching the goal, but the clock is counting down to Saturday’s Polar Plunge fundraiser.

Smith is hoping to crush his goal with a little help from strangers who are in awe of their Mario Kart get-up. Bush came up with the idea to print out fliers and hand them out while in costume over the weekend.

“I wanted to help Cam out here… the next thing we know, we're on the streets on Super Bowl Sunday morning and going around raising out handing out some fliers,” says Bush.

You can donate directly to Cameron Smith’s fundraiser here.