Missing Williamsburg kayaker rescued after several days in Everglades

Posted at 1:55 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 14:26:18-05

COLLIER COUNTY, FL. - The Collier County Sheriff"s Office rescued a kayaker after he was missing for several days.

67-year-old Mark Miele, of Williamsburg, took a solo kayaking trip in the Everglades National Park on January 22.

Miele planned to come back from his trip on January 29, but he did not return.

According to CBS, park rangers found Miele's belongings that included his wallet and phone, washed up on the bank of the Lopez River.

Park rangers reached out the sheriff's office for assistance in locating Miele.

Deputies were able to find Miele's most recent coordinates from his phone Sunday night, CBS reports.

Deputies were able to locate Miele Monday afternoon and guided the Marine Unit as well as the National Park Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to his location.

CBS reports, Miele was found just a few miles from where his belongings were found.

Officials say he was found alive, but was dehydrated and hypothermic.

Miele was floating on top of his life jacket in the middle of the river, according to CBS.

Deputies are still investigating the cause of his disappearance.