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With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, 'preppers' aren't joking around anymore

Posted at 3:47 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 17:35:30-04

While most retail stores are now shutting down until the coronavirus crisis subsides, one type of store is doing brisk business.

For years, people have ridiculed survivalists, or “preppers," who stock up on food, water and basic military supplies in case the worst happens.

But with coronavirus spreading, people are now turning to them for advice, as we found out in a trip to a survival store.

Matt Jones checks to see who is outside, then opens the door of his survival, or "prepper" store.

Regular customers like Aaron Thacker were topping off their supplies just in case coronavirus becomes a worst case scenario.

"Yeah, I've got food supplies, magazines, first aid equipment."

Jones was demonstrating water filters to other customers.

"This is a bottle where you can scoop water from the river. You have your filter built in,” he explained.

Jones says a basic survival kit should include water, first aid, a radio - and especially food.

As for the number one thing people are asking about right now? People are mainly interested in storage foods. Jones showed a storage food kit that provides about 72 hours’ worth for one person.

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By storage food, he means food that is dried and sealed to last for years.

"The difference between packaged food you buy in the store and storage food is simply the way it is packaged,” Jones explained.

If you talk to people in the prepper store, you realize they are not planning to hole up in the mountains waiting for the end of the world – rather, they just want to have some supplies on hand for the peace of mind it provides.

"It eliminates the fear. You don't have any fear if you are prepared."

Jones dealt with years of skepticism from the general public, but no one is making fun of people who prep anymore.
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