Museum galleries depict successes, setbacks women have faced through history

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Posted at 1:59 PM, Aug 01, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- Photos, paintings, text and a myriad of mediums are some of what you will see at the Contemporary Museum of Art. That includes photographs from local artist and photographer Lauren Kein.

She explained that her photographs tell a personal story.

"My perspective is uniquely feminine, and it's about my life as a woman so it's really exciting to be here,” Kein said.

Her photographs, as well as the many works of art on display, are part of the Summer of Women galleries at the MOCA. The galleries portray the successes and setbacks women have faced through history.

The artworks include paintings, text, mixed media pieces and Kein’s photographs, which she said are film.

“The beautiful thing about film is you get these ginormous negatives. You get really big negatives and so the bigger the negatives, the better the quality, and the better the resolution,” Kein said. “Negative is absolutely positive."

"We really wanted to take to take that time to highlight the work of women in museums who are underrepresented around the country,” Brad Tuggle, developer of audience development at the MOCA, said.

Museums typically tell visitors to not touch the artwork. There is an area that is part of the galleries that consist of a wall with words. Visitors can grab a piece of paper and a crayon to etch a message by placing the piece of paper against a word.

"The interactive we're standing in front of now really encourages people to make some art,” Truly Matthews, the MOCA’s curator of education, said. “You've seen some art, you're inspired and allows them to be creative in this space."

Visitors can also write their own messages and add them on a wall with stickied messages. Visitors can also take a selfie with a tablet attached to a wall.

"There's not one unified theme,” Matthews said. “I think it shows you the diversity of experiences that women in our country are facing."

Summer of Women will run until Oct. 24, and admission is free.