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12-year-old donates homemade blankets to animal rescue

He donated more than 40 blankets
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Posted at 10:58 PM, Aug 27, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) -- For 12-year-old Thomas Rizzone, his summer has been full of video games and sewing.

“I like to give the dogs they need; they shouldn’t not get love that every other pet has that has a home,” Rizzone said.

Rizzone and his grandma, Bonnie Rendler, spent the summer making more than forty blankets to donate to the SPCA serving Erie County, New York.

“I started doing cat blankets last fall and he liked what I was doing so much that he wanted me to teach him how to make them,” Rendler said.

“We are very excited that Thomas picked out dogs to make blankets for. It just proves that donors come in all different shapes, sizes and ages,” SPCA Communications Manager Bethany Kloc.

Rizzone just learned how to sew this summer, but he said it came easy to him.

“Like when I first started playing video games, Fortnite, I somehow was just really good at it,” Rizzone said.

His sewing doesn’t stop here, he said he is going to continue throughout the year.

Rizzone already has two cats, two dogs, two frogs and four fish tanks. He said he already knows how to train animals and is looking forward to working with them when he’s older.

“I’m really excited because I always wanted to have a sanctuary in my house. Like I want to have horses, cows, get them into a sanctuary,” Rizzone said.

Kloc said she loves that each blanket is different.

“This one has kittens and puppies; I think this is paw patrol. This one’s just kittens…so Thomas went all out and bought all different fabrics and they’re just adorable,” Kloc said.

Rizzone and his grandma said they’ll take any help they can get this fall but above all, they want each dog to have a home.

“Adopt, adopt, that’s what he wants. He doesn’t want any animal at another place, he wants a forever home,” Rendler said.

“Not that this place isn’t good for them, it’s great,” Rizzone said.