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9 people stuck in sub-freezing temperatures rescued by search crews in Northern California forest

glenn county
Glenn County
Posted at 3:10 PM, Mar 08, 2021

GLENN COUNTY, Calif. -- Search and rescue crews were able to save nine people over the weekend who became stranded in sub-freezing temperatures when their vehicles became stuck in the snow of Northern California.

The trouble started Friday afternoon when one vehicle became stuck in heavy snow in Mendocino National Forest.

Around 2 p.m., the group called a friend for help. This second vehicle of people also became stuck in the snow. At some point, a third friend was called, and the two people inside that vehicle also became stuck in the snow when they headed up to help.

Saturday morning, search and rescue crews in Glenn Countywere told about at least two vehicles stranded in the snow and headed out.

They spotted several sets of footprints in the fresh snow leading away from the area where the vehicles were reportedly stuck. While part of the crew kept heading to where the vehicles were reported, some followed the footprints.

Three people, who had had no food or water since Friday afternoon, were found alive about ten miles from their vehicle. They told rescuers they had been walking in about 30-degree snowy weather for more than five hours, according to KRCR.

All nine people were safely rescued.

Glenn County says this was their third snow rescue in March so far.