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City manager rejects Tucson police chief's resignation

Mayor Romero says she supports city manager's decision
Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 25, 2020

The City of Tucson rejected the resignation of Tucson Police Department Chief Chris Magnus Thursday.

According to City Council member Steve Kozachik, City Manager Michael Ortega rejected the resignation. Magnus has helmed TPD since January 2016.

Magnus offered his resignation at a Wednesday press conference in which TPD revealed video of the incident in which 27-year-old Carlos "Adrian" Ingram Lopez died in police custody April 21.

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Mayor Regina Romero said Magnus has the support of her office, as well as the City Council.

Here is Romero's statement:

"In this moment, my focus is on the fact that the life of a fellow Tucsonan, Carlos Adrian Ingram-Lopez, was needlessly lost. The Chief’s abrupt announcement at the press conference yesterday should not take away from that. I continue to extend my most sincere condolences to the family of Carlos Adrian during this incredibly difficult time for them. The best way we can honor Carlos Adrian’s memory is by coming together and taking immediate action to build a better, more just community.

By city charter, it is the City Manager’s responsibility to accept resignations or fire Department Directors. After listening to the feedback of my colleagues on the Council, I do not believe the Chief should resign.

Chief Magnus has brought forward thinking changes to TPD policies, practices and trainings, and has built strong relationships with our community since he joined the Department in 2016. Now is the time to work together and rebuild public trust in our police department by increasing transparency, ensuring accountability, and re-imagining how we provide safety to our community. I look forward to working with Chief Magnus to accomplish these reforms."

KGUN's Phil Villarreal was first to report this story.