Tokyo Olympics to allow limit of 10,000 local fans in venues

Posted at 5:10 AM, Jun 21, 2021

The Tokyo Olympics will allow some local fans to attend when the games open in just over a month.

The decision to allow spectators goes against the country's top medical adviser, who has recommended the safest way told to hold the games during the COVID-19 pandemic is without any fans.

Fans from abroad were banned several months ago.

Japanese organizers have set a limit of 50% of capacity up to a maximum of 10,000 fans for all Olympic venues.

Officials say fans will be under strict rules. They will not be allowed to cheer, must wear masks, and are being told to go straight home after the event.

Tokyo and other areas are under “quasi-emergency” status until July 11.

The 2021 games — already delayed by one year because of the pandemic — face a series of logistical challenges as COVID-19 continues to spread in Japan. According to Bloomberg, the country has only distributed enough vaccines to cover 11% of its population — by comparison, the U.S. has distributed enough vaccine to cover about 50% of its population.

The games are also scrambling to find enough volunteers after nearly 10,000 quit several weeks ago. Many in Japan are against holding the games, as medical experts have issued public warnings against doing so.

The Olympics are set to open July 23.