UK, international travelers visiting NYC must quarantine or face fines, Mayor de Blasio says

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 23, 2020

NEW YORK — As people across the world prepare for holiday celebrations, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new COVID-19 quarantine advisories for those traveling to New York City.

The order goes into effect immediately.

Amid concerns of a new COVID-19 variant found in the United Kingdom, those traveling from the UK will be personally served a Department of Health Commissioner’s Order to quarantine by the Sheriff’s Office.

There will also be a follow-up door knock by the sheriff’s Travel Unit to make sure people are complying, according to the mayor.

All other travelers coming to the city will receive a Department of Health Commissioner’s Order to quarantine via certified mail.

Those who do not comply will be issued a $1,000 fine the first day and another $1,000 for each additional day.

“If you don’t follow the quarantine, you’re endangering everyone in the city,” Mayor de Blasio said.

The mayor also encouraged New Yorkers to avoid traveling during the holidays, stay local and celebrate with their immediate household.

“The best gift you can give is to make sure the people you love will be able to gather together and next year in 2021."

The new compliance order comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he will be working with several hospitals across the state to test for the new variant to see if it’s already in New York and to “isolate it immediately.”

Three airlines that travel from the U.K. to New York have already complied with the governor's request to have passengers test negative before boarding a flight.

This article was written by Kristine Garcia for WPIX.