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COVID-19 throwing a wrench at the home repair industry

Posted at 2:07 PM, Dec 18, 2020

Ron Bielanski is passionate about working with his hands. But COVID-19 threw a wrench at how he made his living as a construction worker.

“My boss, at the time I just got hired, told me I can’t make you come here,” Ron Bielanski recalled. “It’s voluntary at this point.”

After leaving his job in construction, Bielanski worked as a handyman. But soon, the opportunities dwindled. Prior to the pandemic, he received three to four job offers a week. Now, maybe four calls a month.

“That has gone away completely. There is no one calling me for estimates,” Bielanski said. “The only phone calls I am getting are people in emergency situations.”

This jack of all trades says clients are reluctant to hire repair experts because of the current pandemic and social distancing guidelines.

Experts recommend the following for those seeking handiwork:

  • Household members and service providers should wear masks
  • Limit interaction with repair workers
  • Disinfect the area that may have been touched during a project
  • Household members with health issues should leave while the project is being completed