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NBA star Andre Drummond gives $1,000 tip to Florida waitress

Restaurant worker 'had tears of happiness'
NBA star Andre Drummond gives $1,000 tip to Florida waitress
Posted at 3:22 PM, May 25, 2020

Another sports star showed some serious gratitude to South Florida restaurant workers with a sizable tip.

Che Restaurant in Delray Beach posted Sunday on Instagram that one of their waitresses recently received a $1,000 tip on a $160 check from Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond.

The restaurant said the waitress seated and served the two-time NBA all-star and wasn't aware of who he was.

Restaurants and their employees have been severely impacted by shutdowns due to the coronavirus, so the generous tip was greatly appreciated.

"It’s so amazing to see people displaying acts of kindness in these uncertain times," the waitress said in her post.

The restaurant said on Facebook that "humbleness and generosity is not trained, comes from a great heart."

Also this month, ex-NFL star Chad Johnson made headlines after he left a $1,000 tip at restaurant in Broward County.

This article was written by Scott Sutton for WPTV.