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Plastic surgeons seeing dramatic increase in facial procedures due to 'Zoom boom'

zoom boom increase in plastic surgery
Posted at 3:38 PM, Jan 25, 2021

HOLLAND, Mich. — A West Michigan plastic surgeon says he has seen a dramatic rise in the number of people seeking facial procedures, saying clients are doing so after spending months staring at themselves on Zoom while working from home.

Dr. Jason Stubbs runs Signature Surgical in Holland and has seen his requests for service skyrocket since he was able to resume operations in June. The pandemic had forced them to pause any procedures for several months.

“It's been rather shocking, to be honest with you," Dr. Stubbs told FOX 17 Thursday. "It's non-stop busy.”

He has seen a surge in people seeking cosmetic procedures done on their face.

Typically he sees about, "80% body procedures, 20% facial procedures." But now he says he is seeing about half of his clients come in looking for facial procedures.

"I mean, it's a dramatic percentage change,” he said.

Dr. Stubbs is calling it a "Zoom Boom", saying that many of his patients are saying they chose to seek out a facial procedure after spending the last year working remotely and staring at themselves for hours a day on Zoom.

“The lights hitting you differently, you see shadows and lines that you don't normally want to see. And then, so that's when we're thinking, hey, maybe Botox is a good idea, or maybe a filler is a good idea,” he said Thursday.

“And what we're noticing is they're coming in saying, Doc, I don't really like this, or this is something I want to change, or this wasn't like this years ago.”

He's been working here in West Michigan for the past five years and says he's never seen anything like it.

And because so many of us are still working remotely, he says more people now have the time available to recover from a procedure at home.

"Especially being able to the ability to wear masks now that you can hide the procedure," he said.

“It's like, I'm okay, because I'm wearing a mask, and then people won't even see my nose or my neck or whatever, for the next couple of weeks.”

Offering both surgical and non-surgical options for touching up your appearance, Dr. Stubbbs says people have been driving into his office from all over the state.

“If we can, in some form, or fashion, make one facet of your life better, make you feel better about yourself, hey, we're doing our job.”

You can find out more about Signature Surgical and the services they offeron their website.

This story was first published by Michael Martin at WXMI in Grand Rapids, Michigan.