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Sculpture restoration work draws laughs, memories in Spain

Sculpture restoration work draws laughs, memories in Spain
Posted at 5:37 PM, Nov 13, 2020

MADRID (AP) — Restoration work on a sculpture in northern Spain has resurrected memories of a restored Christ fresco in another Spanish city that drew ridicule as well as tourists.

The latest incident concerns a relief sculpture on the exterior of an office building in the city of Palencia.

What was once the bust of a smiling woman now looks more like the head of a cartoon character.

The disfigurement was bought to light by a local artist who posted before and after photographs on his Facebook page.

The poorly done restoration drew immediate comparisons with an "Ecce Homo" fresco in Borja.

An amateur artist's work on Christ's face in 2012 drew comparisons to a monkey.

A Palencia City Hall spokesman declined to tell the Associated Press when the work was done or by whom but added that the restoration would most likely be investigated by regional authorities.