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Woman shouts to Siri ‘CALL 911’ while trying to save husband from drowning

Posted at 8:09 PM, Jun 25, 2020

Officers rescued a couple in Connecticut early Wednesday morning who were caught in a flood after a woman yelled to her iPhone “CALL 911” to summon police.

According to the Guilford Police Department, the couple was crabbing when the husband fell into the water and was trapped in the entrance of the sluice pipe that runs under the roadway. The woman was holding onto her husband, fearing if she let go, he would get sucked in.

Two officers from Guilford Police arrived, and said they retrieved a rope to assist the woman in saving her husband.

“One of the key reasons officers were able to locate the victim so quickly was because his wife had SIRI activated on her iPhone," the Guilford Police Department said. “Her phone was a significant distance away from where she was trying to save her husband and she could not let go of him. She shouted to SIRI to "call 911" and the phone immediately dialed and made contact with 911 fire dispatchers.”

The phone’s GPS technology gave officers the location, allowing for a swift rescue.

Amazingly, no one was injured from Wednesday’s incident.