News 3 follows doctor through the process of getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Light Gets Vaccine.PNG
Posted at 3:50 PM, Jan 05, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Hundreds of frontline workers throughout the region continue to get the COVID-19 vaccine this week. News 3 followed Dr. Ryan Light from the Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group as he waited in line to get his shot.

Over the last several months, Dr. Light said many of his patients have been asking if he was going to get the vaccine, and he told them he would as soon as he could. He said Tuesday was his first opportunity to get the vaccine.

“I followed through on my promise. I got it as soon as I could,” said Dr. Light.

The process took about an hour, and he stayed in his truck the entire time. He was asked several questions, like if he had any previous reactions to shots, if he had a fever, if came into contact with anyone with COVID-19 and if he had COVID-19.

He said the shoot felt like a flu vaccine and said his arm did not hurt.

The Virginia Health Department said there were about 500 forward-facing healthcare providers who were receiving the vaccine on Tuesday, and they said they expect another 500 on Thursday.

Dr. Light had to wait in his truck for about 20 minutes to make sure he didn’t have any adverse effects from the vaccine.

He was happy to gethis card from the health department that stated he received his first shot, and healthcare workers reminded him about the second shot in a few weeks.

“The only way we get out of this COVID crisis is by getting the vaccine. We’re all going to have to roll up our sleeves. We all put on masks. We’ve all done the social distancing. In order to get to the next phase, we are going to have to get vaccinated,” said Dr. Light.

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