Non-profit searches for volunteer tutors to help provide free tutoring for local children

Posted at 2:49 PM, Feb 23, 2021

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -- One Stop Essentials, a Hampton Roads-based non-profit organization, looks to find ways to meet its goal of helping school-age children in the region with resources to help them succeed in school.

Nevie Sessoms, the organization’s founder, said this school year has been challenging - not only for children, but for parents and teachers.

"It's been real hard on the youth inside the homes, and surprisingly or not,” Sessoms explained, “kids are still failing at home."

That is why the organization’s latest project is starting up a free tutoring service for children, but there is a roadblock right now. They are looking for volunteers to help tutor children in English, writing, science, math and social studies.

"We need that in order to do our service to the community, and that's important right now,” Sessoms said.

He said the number of volunteer tutors they currently have sits just under five, including his wife. Those who've inquired are a small number.

"The teachers can only do so much. This has been a big change for the teachers and it's new for everybody,” Sessoms said. "I have some members that are business owners that they're all for it. They've said, 'Let's do it; let's help the kids.'"

Sessoms said the organization is ideally looking for tutors with an education background or some kind of teaching experience. He added they will also consider high school-aged students, but that there will be a vetting process.

"Sixteen and older,” Sessoms explained, “and we would need to have a copy of their report card to verify that they are tutor material."

Sessoms also suggested this could be a good opportunity for student tutors to receive community service hours.

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“We actually want to help make an impact and see growth and change in the youth,” Sessoms said.

If you are interested in volunteering to tutor with the program, or if you'd just like more information, you can reach One Stop Essential through its Facebook page or by emailing

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