Norfolk church damaged by Isaias accepting donations for repairs

Posted at 7:42 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 23:21:44-04

NORFOLK, Va. - Wind and rain was not a welcome sight Thursday at one Norfolk church - one that suffered extensive damage Tuesday after Isaias blew through.

"This is major damage," said Rev. Anthony Paige. "I woke up, headed to the church and I saw a mess. The entire window had fallen."

Piles of bricks and a massive window frame now lie in front of First Baptist Church in the Lamberts Point area of Norfolk. Paige says the damage happened to the oldest part of the church, formally established as Burrows Baptist in 1893. The stained glass window shattered in pieces could be close to 200 years old.

"It is one of a kind. It is a picture of the baptism of Jesus," Paige said.

The part of the sanctuary that was damaged was undergoing a renovation to become a performing arts center and youth ministry.

"We are a university community. We want to be able to allow students from university to come and have their programs," he said.

Paige believes insurance money will go to cover the cost of window repair, but he is asking for donations to complete the performing arts center project.

"People can give $10,000; $5,000; $1,000 or just whatever," said Paige. "Just help us like we have helped you."

While Mother Nature left her mark on this place of worship, what was left hanging on the other side of the gaping hole were two banners that state, "Begin Again."

"God is always with us in crisis, and there is a reason for this. It will be a blessing," he said.

To help the church, just head to their new sanctuary at 1268 W. 38th Street Norfolk.

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