Norfolk Public Schools now offering app to report bullying, safety concerns anonymously

Posted at 2:39 PM, Jan 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-28 17:49:13-05

NORFOLK, Va. - Norfolk Public Schools has created a way to report bullying and other safety concerns.

The school district announced Tuesday that they have partnered with VectorSolutions to provide students, parents/guardians, and staff a safe way to report bullying and other safety concerns anytime through the Vector Alert Tip Reporting System app.

There is now the ability to text, call, e-mail, or report tips through the app, anonymously.

“We think that it will be beneficial with all of the different ways that they’ll be able to give us the information and it’s in real time,” said Carol Hamlin, Senior Director, Student Support Services. “So, as soon as the report hits, it gives them information, it gives us information, and we can get right on it.”

She says that every tip is taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.

The app is now available and can be found under “SafeSchools Alert” for Apple users in the App Store. It is under “Vector Alert” in Google Play. The school code for Norfolk Public Schools is 2110. Once you choose which school you want to receive the report, you can input details and even attach pictures and videos.

Anti-bullying advocate Shant'a Miller-White said she is on board with anything that could help curb bullying in schools.

“Let’s try it if it does work, grand, if it doesn’t let’s tweak it and keep going,” Miller-White said.

Miller White is the founder and CEO of Parents Against Bullying Virginia. She said her daughter was severely beaten by a bully in 2012. She said this app could be beneficial for reporting, because kids always have a phone in their hands.

“They’re on it constantly, with everything they do even with school, if they’re in virtual school or assignments or what have you, it’s right there at their fingertips, and a fingertip move can save a life,” Miller-White said.

She said she just wants the conversation around bullying to continue.

“It’s okay to speak up speak out because you could be saving a life, because it could happen to you,” Miller White said.

For more information on the app, click here. For more information on Parents Against Bullying Virginia, click here.

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