Norfolk residents duck behind cars as drive-by shooter fires several rounds in Park Place

Posted at 4:41 PM, Jun 18, 2021

NORFOLK, Va.— It's around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when Tim Dunbar’s cornhole game abruptly ends.

Several rounds of gunfire rattled off in the Park Place section of Norfolk during the daylight hours. The terrifying moments were captured on Dunbar’s home security video.

“We hear a lot of gunshots and [it] sounds sometimes like firecrackers. I’ve never seen anyone drive down the street and just start shooting,” explained Dunbar.

Dunbar was playing the yard game with his brother-in-law when a drive by shooter fired several shots through their 34th Street neighborhood.

“Bullets don’t have a name on them, so we try to get down as low as possible without getting hit,” he explained.

The men and their next door neighbor hid behind cars in the driveway, not knowing where the bullets would land.

“You can’t play in your front yard without fear of getting shot,” said Dunbar. "It is very ridiculous that we have to go through stuff like that.”

Luckily, no neighbors appear to have been hurt.

Dunbar collected three of the shell casings the littered the residential street — one landed in his driveway.

He says shootings are commonplace, but after 28 years in his house, he has no plans to go anywhere else.

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“I’m former military - you know, retired Navy reserve - but this is where I’ve always been,” said Dunbar. “I’ve been in worse places than this.”

Now, he’s being more cautious and says he’s staying on high alert.

News 3 is waiting to hear back from Norfolk Police to see if they are investigating.