Norfolk SPCA in need of public's help to raise $25K to support Husky crisis at shelter

Posted at 8:26 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 23:22:37-04

NORFOLK, Va. - The Norfolk SPCA needs the community's help to raise $25K to help assist the multiple Huskies that were brought to the center.

According to the city's SPCA, $25,000 is needed to be raised to continue the emergency medical care, socialization, and adoption placements of the many Huskies that arrived at the SPCA with no advanced arrangements.

Late Saturday night, an animal rescue transporter arrived at the Adoption Center after 7 p.m., with the intention of handing over multiple adult Huskies and one puppy to the shelter.

The dogs crossed state lines on a four-hour trip from North Carolina. The Norfolk SPCA was over capacity and had little space to house these Huskies, but they decided to take them in and act in the best interests of the dogs. They agreed to meet with the transporter, assess the situation, and get the dogs to safety.

They say these dogs have been neglected, both physically and mentally, and need thousands in medical care.

The dogs will be in their care for several months with the hope of full recovery. The SPCA will seek foster homes and adopters.

No advanced arrangements for this transfer had been made, and it came as a complete surprise.

Four dogs had already been given away to homes. Only three adults and one puppy were left.

The Norfolk SPCA says the vehicle carrying the remaining dogs was littered with trash, and the puppy and one adult dog were loose. The adult female dog was wedged between a crate and the front seats of the vehicle and the puppy was visibly unwell.

Staff and volunteers rushed to the shelter to find the puppy that is barely seven weeks old. The puppy was immediately evaluated and started on emergency supportive care.

The puppy was emaciated, dehydrated, and riddled with parasites. There was also an injury to his right eye that will require evaluation by a specialist. The SPCA says if his sight can be saved, then they will do all that we can to assist.

The adults were both physically and mentally neglected. The SPCA's CARE team found a heavy load of parasitic hook and whipworms. Every adult dog tested positive for heartworms.

The same rescue transporter gave one person two dogs, who are considered a bonded pair, to foster in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven across from the Norfolk SPCA.

The shelter says the woman was given no paperwork or information on their medical condition. The rescue transporter told the woman that she would contact her in a few days, which as of Wednesday has not happened.

The woman told the shelter's Executive Director that her male Husky labored to breathe and was near death. She had been given an incredibly sick animal with no medical resources.

The SPCA then made the decision to take in the dogs. The shelter named the male dog Viking and say they did their best to save him, but unfortunately, he could not be saved. According to tests, Viking also was heartworm positive and infested with parasites. The shelter is still waiting on testing from other dog.

Thursday, all the Huskies will be given thorough exams under sedation so that they can closely identify any potential injuries, conditions, or abnormalities.

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