Organizations take action to provide clean, sustainable water for Suffolk family

Posted at 3:43 PM, Feb 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-05 19:02:19-05

SUFFOLK, Va. - With a twist of their kitchen sink’s knob Wednesday morning, the Crawford family’s chance at a better life in Suffolk can continue.

They moved here from Philadelphia in 2018.

“It was so important to us as far as for the kids - for their well-being for them growing up here to have a better environment,” Wayne Crawford said.

However, that search for a better environment left them at a crossroads a few months back.

You can say their well ran dry.

“[Their kids] having to wash up and using water bottles - at times we couldn’t afford spring water," Belinda Crawford explained. “It was just challenging.”

The Crawfords told News 3 about six months ago their well began pumping both water and sand into their home.

The pump eventually gave out, forcing them to give up their family car and move into a hotel.

They needed to replace the pump, but it costed thousands of dollars the Crawfords didn’t have.

“Mentally, emotionally and physically it played on us as a family,” Wayne said.

But today, their cup overflows with blessings.

“Most people take water for granted, and in this case without access to water they had to leave their home,” Xylem Vice President Joe Vesey said.

Several organizations, including Xylem and the Chris Long Foundation, built them a new water well system.

The groups are working together to provide clean and sustainable water to communities in need across the country.

“I think what’s important is it illustrates how normal these folks are,” former NFL Player Chris long said. “There’s 1.5 million people around the country who don’t have access to clean water."

Volunteers also renovated the Crawfords' home as they move forward in their new life as Virginians.