People roll up their sleeves at Hampton vaccine clinic to get booster, vaccine shots ahead of Christmas season

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Posted at 4:53 PM, Nov 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 19:37:41-05

HAMPTON, Va.— Many are gearing up before the Christmas holiday to get their booster or vaccine shot. Local health leaders said they’re seeing an increase in patients wanting to further protect themselves from COVID-19.

People at Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple came out Friday to either get tested for COVID-19 or get their first vaccination, or even a booster shot, as they take measures to further protect themselves this holiday season before visiting loved ones.

People said they now have Christmas on their mind. But as they prepare to celebrate, they wanted to get their booster shot first.

Shanard Govan told News 3, "My grandmother, she's 94. I have family, we're going to meet up for Christmas and our loved ones are coming down. We prefer to be protected, protect her."

Govan said his grandmother survived many pandemics, and she will survive this one. He wants to show love to his family and grandmother and take care of himself.

Cantrese Pace-Pierce, a teacher at Bethel High School, told News 3 she got her booster shot because she has a two-week Christmas break and wants to safeguard herself against students who will use that time to travel and might not have been vaccinated.

"I think people are going to take the opportunity to travel a little bit more because younger kids can get the vaccination now. I think that families will step out a bit more," said Pace-Pierce.

Health leaders said although they have seen an increase in vaccination and booster rates, this is not the time to let your guard down, and are encouraging people to get their shots before visiting family for the holidays.

Arleigh Hatcher, a registered nurse and the CEO of Legacy Lab Services, said, "I definitely noticed people getting more and more relaxed. I see people in the stores not wearing their masks, but this is absolutely not the time to get relaxed."

Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple will continue to give free COVID-19 testing, booster, and vaccine shots up until December 17th and no appointment is needed.