Norfolk animal rights activist featured in new documentary produced by Anjelica Huston

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Posted at 11:59 AM, Mar 11, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - The images of their living conditions, deprivation, abuse and neglect are hard to swallow.

"It's really hard to see an animal suffer, it's very challenging," said Jes Cochran.

Cochran, a Norfolk resident and animal rights activist, works for PETA's Community Animal Project.

"We help with backyard dog issues, vet care, basic proper care for animals," Cochran said.

Cochran and several others are featured in a new documentary called "Breaking the Chain," produced by Hollywood actress Anjelica Huston.

"The documentary follows us for several years in the field," Cochran explained.

Cameras capture a behind-the-scenes look at neglected backyard dogs, or even those left abandoned in hurricanes. Cochran waded through Hurricanes Florence, Maria and Harvey to bring dogs to safety.

"It is time-sensitive. If you don't get there one day, the next the animal can be dead," Cochran said.

The eye-opening documentary also follows Cochran and other PETA members around the clock through Hampton Roads and Northeastern North Carolina as they work to change the world for companion animals.

"We wanted to let people know these animals are here and they do need help," Cochran said.

Cochran hopes people watching are left with a call to action.

"Just knowing that suffering is out there lets people know there is something everyone can do about it," Cochran said. "I am so proud of the documentary, I want everyone in the world to watch it."

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