Poquoson School Board votes unanimously to bring sports back in December

Posted at 4:17 PM, Nov 17, 2020

POQUOSON, Va.— The Poquoson School Board decided it’s time to bring sports back to school.

At Tuesday night’s 6 p.m. meeting, members voted 7-0 to allow approve the district's "Return to Athletics" plan. Practice starts the week of December 6 in accordance to the Virginia High School League guidelines.

Lisa Sava planned to attend a rally at 5 p.m. in support of allowing students to play sports with safety measures in place.

“If you have a group that is willing to play, and you have coaches that are willing to coach, and you have referees that want to referee, then I think that they should be able to do that,” said Sava.

Sava has a daughter who plays volleyball and a son who plays soccer. They haven’t been sitting on the sidelines, though. Instead, they’ve been playing with travel clubs since July, and Sava hopes they can continue the sports they love at school.

The board’s decision will come on the heels of new COVID-19 restrictions for the Commonwealth as positive cases and hospitalization rise.

“You have to balance both risks and both sides, and you have to make a choice that’s wise,” said Sava.

The district’s plan includes guidelines for players, coaches and staff as well as use of equipment and facilities.

Hampton City Schools is moving forward with winter sports and following Virginia High School League guidelines, but other school districts like Norfolk and Virginia Beach have not decided.

“If [students] don't want to play and their family doesn't want to do that, then by all means, that's their choice, but I don't think it should be infringed on everybody,” said Sava.

School board member Craig Freeman said some student athletes have already started conditioning and believed the return of sports was on the horizon before the board's vote Tuesday night.

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