'Princess for a Day' hosts its annual Christmas Drive to help kids in underserved communities, single moms

Posted at 5:15 PM, Nov 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-08 18:27:13-05

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A program called 'Princess for a Day' is hosting its annual Christmas drive.

The goal is to give back to 300 children within the community.

"Each child receives three gifts that they actually put down from bicycles to microphones and as you can see barbies, barbie house," Coressa Williams, the program's director said.

The program makes it their mission to give back to children in underserved communities and single mothers. One single mother, Shareeka Harrison, spoke with News 3 about how this Christmas drive has impacted her.

"To just know that I'm not alone, there's someone out there that wants to be a blessing to my family and it's a great feeling," Harrison said.

Being a single mother of two, Harrison was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Fighting not only cancer and the bills coming in, sponsors with the 'Princess for a Day' program helped her children have a merry Christmas.

"Yes it was hard, you know and I would say I cried but I didn't quit," she said.

Turning her pain into joy, Harrison says seeing her children open up their Christmas gifts was the best feeling she could ever have as a mother.

"Just to have someone be a helping hand to you no strings attached and just want to bless you, I want to do this for you, you know what I mean. That just says a lot," Harrison said.

'Princess for a Day' leaders are already planning to have that same outreach in this year's drive, just by clicking the link to an Amazon wishlist.

"Our goal is to lighten a load of these moms you know your working trying to make ends meet, trying to give and provide a great life for your children, so it's our role to be the supportive service. You don't have to worry about it if it's on that list and if our sponsors got it we're going to get it," Williams said.

In addition to gifts, donations are also accepted. In previous years over $10K has been raised to pour into the community.

"We have sponsors that have donated $1,000, so it varies from year to year. Because of COVID, things have shifted, so we really depend on donations to make it happen," she said.

All while helping single mothers take the stress off their back during the holiday season, Harrison says this program continues to make her feel honored and blessed.

If you would like to help and plan to buy a child a gift or even a doll for this holiday season you can become a volunteer by simply filling out a form here.