Riverside Health System hosts free prostate cancer screenings across Peninsula

Posted at 4:52 AM, Jun 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-04 08:05:44-04

Riverside Health System offered a free prostate cancer screening event in Newport News Thursday, June 3. The screenings were held at the Riverside Cancer Care Center on the campus of Riverside Regional Medical Center.

According to Riverside, the screenings were performed by Amberly Levan and several team members of Riverside Urology Specialists and the Riverside Cancer Center. Each screening included a questionnaire and a blood test in addition to a physical exam.

57-year old Edward Robison, who is a Riverside patient, said he has been getting screened every year since 2012 as a preventative measure.

The Williamsburg resident said one of his friends beat prostate cancer and another friend is currently undergoing treatment for the disease.

“It underscores the drive to stay on top of regular screenings because, with annual screenings, it gives you and the doctor more information sequentially over a period of time including the trends of blood work, test results as well as clinical impressions to really get a more full picture of your prostate health,” Robison said. “I would rather not be blindsided. If cancer were to occur in my body, I’d rather find out sooner, so my treatment options are expanded and my result is hopefully optimal.”

Community members who would benefit from having a screening include men at average risk of prostate cancer ages 50 to 70 and currently in excellent health; men at high risk of prostate cancer ages 40 to 70, with more than one first-degree relative who has had prostate cancer prior to age 65; and Black men ages 45 to 70.

Men who have or had prostate cancer and men who have current prostate problems were not eligible for the screening.

Attendees were asked to wear a mask when they arrived for a screening. Riverside team members wore personal protective equipment, and exam rooms were cleaned and sanitized between each visit.

Please call 1-800-520-7006 to schedule an appointment.