Senior Services warn of social security phone scam in Hampton Roads

Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-12 18:20:55-05

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia warns the public of a social security scam currently being attempted in Hampton Roads.

Officials say they have received multiple reports of phone calls targeting social security beneficiaries.

The scammers are falsely claiming to be someone from Senior Services, and are calling from a 757-461-exchange with rolling last four digits.

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The call involves an automated recording warning the individual of an issue with their SS number, account, or benefits. The scammer then provides a phone number and says the person must call it to reactivate, protect, or restore their benefits.

Senior Services say they do not make automated calls and an actual Senior Services employee would never call asking for social, nor would they ask for payment in exchange for protecting benefits.

Senior Services warn anyone who does call the provided number is asked to give personal information that the scammer can then use to commit identity theft or other fraud.

If you receive a questionable call, hang up, and then report details of the call to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG):

  • By phone: Call the Fraud Reporting Hotline at 1-800-269-0271
  • Online: Submit a report online here.