Some countries and US states move to ease virus lockdowns

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Posted at 5:18 AM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 06:40:17-04

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Some countries and U.S. states are starting to ease lockdown restrictions and focus on fixing their battered economies.

In Spain, the streets echoed again with joyful cries as the nation let children go outside for the first time in six weeks.

In Italy, the premier laid out a long-awaited timetable for getting back to normal, announcing that factories, construction sites and wholesale supply businesses can resume activity as soon as they put safety measures in place.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going back to work Monday at 10 Downing St. after being hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Alaska is starting to open things up. Restaurants there can serve dine-in, but only at 25 percent capacity.

In Colleyville, Texas, the mayor there opened up patios. Colorado's stay-at-home order ends Monday and in Oklahoma, personal care businesses can open.

Harder hit states like New York and Pennsylvania are looking at opening up certain regions in the next few weeks.

With all this going on...White House economic advisor kevin Hassett says unemployment could be the worst its been since The Great Depression because of the coronavirus.

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