Steps to take for a safe and healthy Thanksgiving celebration

Some people are taking COVID-19 tests before travel
Posted at 10:42 PM, Nov 25, 2020

NORFOLK, Va. - The airport is filled with people coming and going.

Jordan Leroy is running with excitement. It’s been a year since the last time he was home.

“It’s amazing. So long because of quarantine and COVID-19 in general but I finally had a chance to come,” said Leroy.

He is in town from the west coast and believes he’s safer in Virginia.

“Back in California is a hot spot,” said Leroy.

This father is reunited with his son Charlie who is in town from Los Angeles.

John McGarrigle says he’s not concerned with Charlie bringing the virus home to Virginia Beach this Thanksgiving.

“Like I told him I’m more likely to kill you with Salmonella tomorrow then you are catching COVID-19,” he adds.

Doctor Tiffany Sibley with Velocity Health Care says do not let your guard down this Thanksgiving even in the house.

"Social distance as much as you can,” she adds.

In addition Dr. Sibley says, “Do your best to distance yourself at least six feet from family members. If you or any family member becomes symptomatic during the holiday, please quarantine immediately.”

Passengers we talked to say making the decision to come home for the Thanksgiving holiday was not an easy one but it’s a risk that is worth it.

“I felt kind of lonely trapped up in my house,” said Amber Stanek.

McGarrigle says, “It’s always that uncertainty of when are you going to see them and with all the restrictions and everything.”

A passenger heading to Indiana says he made sure to take every precaution before boarding his flight to keep his loved ones safe. “I took a test about 3 days ago about 72 hours ago. I got my results before I decided to officially leave.”

Dr. Sibley says taking a COVID-19 test can be assuring to family members, but says a negative result does not mean you are 100% clear.

She says continue to keep your hands clean.

"Don't forget hand washing. That’s the number one thing besides social distancing we can do in our own homes to make sure we don't spread viruses to other family members,” she adds.