Suffolk family offers reward to find four motorcycles stolen from garage

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Posted at 4:33 PM, Jul 22, 2021

SUFFOLK, Va. — After 13 years of riding motorcycles, 17-year-old Ryan Arnold got his first brand-new motorcycle to take his racing career to the next level.

Five days later, it was stolen along with three other motorcycles.

His dad, Matt Arnold, spent more than $19,000 for two 2021 red and blue Beta motorcycles for himself and his son, who are both avid racers.

“This is what we do together. This is our father-son bond, and it’s a special thing for us. To have something like this happen, it’s pretty heartbreaking,” said Matt Arnold.

He estimates the thief stole almost $30,000 in total.

“He got to ride his new motorcycle one time on Sunday before it was stolen,” said Matt.

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Matt says a total of four motorcycles were stolen in the early morning hours Wednesday from inside his locked garage in North Suffolk. He also noticed two generators were missing and some tires were gone.

“They just pried open those doors back there and wheeled the motorcycles right out and got away with it,” he explained.

Matt says he filed a police report, but insurance won’t cover the theft and the bikes won’t easily be replaced.

Their next big race is August 8. For now, they’ll be watching from the sidelines. Matt says he’s offering a $500 reward to anyone who can make a miracle happen

“Anyone that can provide any information that has a direct lead to recovering these motorcycles, I’ll be glad to give up a $500 reward,” he said.

Matt says he won’t ask questions if the bikes are returned; he just wants his son to be able to ride again.

“We’re gutted. He’s heartbroken. I’ll get over it a lot easier than he will,” said Matt.