Suffolk mayor highlights city's progress in 2022 State of the City address

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Suffolk mayor
Posted at 3:41 PM, May 23, 2022
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SUFFOLK, Va. - Suffolk Mayor Mike Duman delivered his State of the City addressTuesday afternoon celebrating the city’s accomplishments while looking toward new ones.

“It’s evident that the state of our city is strong,” said Duman.

The mayor highlighted some major projects in the city that he said are bringing more people and businesses to the area, adding that Suffolk will only continue to grow.

Over the past year, Duman said the city brought in more than 60 new businesses and created 1,086 new jobs, resulting in a $185.6 million capital investment in the city.

When the Amazon warehouse opens this summer, he said that, too, will bring in another 1,000 new hires.

“It is the largest building in the Commonwealth of Virginia, so that’s pretty substantial,” said Duman.

The mayor said business in Suffolk is booming, with construction crews all over the city building new housing, commercial spaces and improving several bridges.

Duman also touched on two new developments with Blue Point at the Riverfront, including a hotel and retail project and a new brewery.

“Businesses come where the people are,” he said. “What we’re seeing is with our growth in our population and our demographics, that in turn attracts private investment, and that’s what we’re seeing now.”

Another major investment is a $25 million expansion to Birdsong Peanuts, which has its flagship in the city. The project will also automate the plant’s production lines.

“Once again it solidifies their position,” Duman said. “We look at it in the long term; they’re going to be here for a long time.”

The mayor also highlighted some of the city’s challenges, including keeping employees and improving roadways.

Once completed, he said the road widening project on Route 58/Holland Road will ease traffic jams and make it safer.

“That corridor is the largest project that Suffolk has ever undertaken, which will be significant in moving traffic from there to the port, which has become such a significant economic driver for our city,” said Duman.

The mayor also talked about fighting crime. Though he says most community members – 88% of them – are satisfied with police performance, he plans on putting together a public safety committee to build on those relationships even more.

The address took place at the Hilton Garden Inn-Suffolk Riverfront Hotel & Conference Center at 100 E. Constance Rd.

News 3 streamed the address live in this story and on our Facebook page.

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