Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival to be held virtually

Authoress holding books and looking away
Posted at 1:09 PM, Feb 10, 2021

SUFFOLK, Va. - The Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival will be held virtually on March 6, 2021, featuring 40 best-selling authors of mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, historical, romance, and women’s fiction.

The festival will take place online from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will included pre-recorded interviews with select authors and access to all live moderated panel discussions.

Attendance is FREE, but registration is required. '

Betsy Ashton
E.A. Aymar
Melissa Bourbon
Catherine Bruns
Ellen Butler
Lynn Cahoon
Emmie Caldwell
Austin Camacho
Maya Corrigan
Mollie Cox Bryan
John DeDakis
Diane Fanning
Kellye Garrett
Marni Graff
Bradley Harper
Sara E. Johnson
Wendy H. Jones
Diane Kelly
Dana King
Libby Klein
Eleanor Kuhns
Tara Laskowski
Gayle Leeson
Allie Marie
Catriona McPherson
Julie Moffett
K.L. Murphy
Nancy Naigle
Nan O’Berry
Alan Orloff
Bill Rapp
Amy M. Reade
Shawn Reilly Simmons
Katharine Schellman
Marcia Talley
Art Taylor
Grace Topping
Abby L. Vandiver
LynDee Walker
Heather Weidner

To learn more info, visit the SMAF website or call the Suffolk Visitor Center at 757-514-4130.