Summer is here! Experts say now is the time to look closely at your HVAC system

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Posted at 9:18 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 22:56:42-04

PORTSMOUTH, Va.— As Hampton Roads sees temperatures in the 90s this week, many are already using air conditioning — and counting on it to work. But if your air conditioning goes on the fritz, you might be in trouble.

When the temperature rises, so does demand for HVAC units. News 3 reporter Kelsey Jones caught up with one cooling company that told her it's highly important that you can keep a close eye on your A/C units.

Calls for service are starting to pick up throughout Hampton Roads. The general manager of Smiley's Heating and Cooling said Monday, his business received 40 calls.

"With the 97-degree weather coming up, we're on high alert," said Kurtis Vosquez, the general manager of Smiley's Heating and Cooling.

When the temperature rises, so does demand.

"These systems break down when they're working the hardest, and they work the hardest in the summertime when you’re getting 11 to 12 hours of constant run time," Vosquez said.

Keeping your air filters clean is an important part of maintaining your air conditioner. Experts say one of the most common problems is neglect.

"Not components gone bad, but they've forgotten to change their filters, that they haven't cleaned it in awhile," Tim, a technician for Smiley's Heating and Cooling, said.

Tim, a long time technician at Smiley's, says it's important to check your filters monthly and change as needed.

"Literally you can lower your bills by just keeping up with your filters and extend the life of your system overall," Tim said.

Another tip when running your A/C is putting the fan on "Auto" function instead of leaving it running. Also, if you're inspecting your AC unit, you want to make sure it's running and there's no ice accumulating.

The simple things can make all the difference.

"As far as servicing them, I'll say every 5 to 6 months before the summertime and before the wintertime. Routine check-ups every year," Tim said.

Cooling experts said those needing a repair should call a company right away so any parts can be ordered as quickly as possible.