Their son broke his arm on playground. What they say happened 3 days later left them stunned

Dad: "We thought it was kids being kids but until three days later the kid said, ‘I'm gonna push you down and break your other arm'"
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Posted at 6:43 PM, Feb 12, 2022
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DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. – The parents of a Dinwiddie County boy who said their son was bullied to the point that his arm was broken are searching for answers and accountability.

"You go to school to learn. We don't go to school to break people’s arms or bully them,” Jeremy Wroble told WTVR CBS 6 Senior Reporter Wayne Covil. “We come here to get an education, so you can be better in your life once you get out of school."

Wroble and his wife Erika said they have asked for help for the fourth-grader at Dinwiddie Elementary School, but are still waiting for something to be done.

"This morning, it absolutely broke my heart seeing him get ready for school, he just didn't care,” Erika Wroble said.

Dinwiddie Elementary School
Dinwiddie Elementary School

The family said school for their son took a drastic turn on Sept. 15 last year.

"They were on the playground and a boy pushed my son off of the equipment and he broke his arm," Jeremy Wroble explained.

The boy’s father said the break was so severe that a surgeon had to put a rod in his arm.

A second surgery to remove the rod from the 9-year-old’s arm is scheduled for April, according to his father.

While the parents initially thought what happened could have been described as boys being boys, they were stunned by what their son said happened next.

"We thought it was kids being kids but until three days later the kid said, ‘I'm gonna push you down and break your other arm,'" Jeremy Wroble said.

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Dinwiddie family says bullies are to blame for boy's broken arm.

The couple said the bullying has continued and that things escalated this week.

"Wednesday he was told by the same kid that broke his arm, that if he didn't shut up, he was going to break his arm again,” Jeremy Wroble said. “And then yesterday he was assaulted; punched in the face twice by this kid’s friends. It's the same three kids every time."

The School Resource Officer, Deputy Dale Eichler with the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office, said officials were aware of an incident.

“Can't discuss exactly what happened, but we are investigating," Eichler said.

Jeremy and Erika Wroble
Jeremy and Erika Wroble

The boy’s parents said they have told him to go to an adult when something happens.

"That's exactly what he did yesterday and he was let down,” Erika Wroble said.

Dinwiddie County Public Schools officials said “the school board office is aware, but cannot comment on specific student matters."

Jeremy Wroble said he has a meeting Monday with the school superintendent where he hopes to get not just answers but solutions.