'This is a tax season like no other': Three of the biggest questions seniors have surrounding this year's taxes

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Posted at 3:16 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 16:59:59-05

NORFOLK, Va. -- This is going to be a tax season like no other, according to officials with AARP - likely one of the most complicated in decades.

Two of the biggest questions this year involve stimulus payments and unemployment benefits.

Margi Mannix, Digital Editor in Chief with AARP, says economic stimulus payments are not taxable but unemployment income can be taxed.

Mannix says the other big question they're getting from seniors: "Can I file for free?"

There are programs for both seniors and those whose adjusted gross income is under $72,000.

You can find links to them by clicking here.

There are also some scams seniors need to watch out for.

Mannix says one of the common ones that they typically see this year involves someone pretending to be with the IRS.

There's also a new one that's popped up because of the pandemic.

Some people are filing for unemployment benefits in someone else's name.

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It's an issue that many victims don't uncover until tax time.

"They're not finding out about it until they get the form in the mail - the tax form in the mail - that says they've collected these benefits. That's a huge shock to many, many people, so it's something that older Americans - frankly all Americans - need to be aware of and need to be on the lookout for," said Mannix.