Toilet paper companies say there is ample supply, working to restock shelves

Posted at 1:23 PM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 13:24:15-04

Stores throughout Hampton Roads and the entire nation are seeing a shortage of toilet paper supply on shelves due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CBS News reports, while shelves seem to be empty for toilet paper, companies say there is no shortage of supply, however stocking the shelves is the hard part.

According to many toilet paper companies, they have the needed amount of toilet paper, however stocking the supply on the shelves requires more labor and time.

Procter & Gamble said it is shipping record-high levels of Charmin and other brands, according to CBS News.

"Demand continues to outpace supply at the moment, but we are working diligently to get product to our retailers as fast as humanly possible," a spokesperson said in an email to CBS News. "We continue to manufacture and ship Charmin to our retailers."

Georgia Pacific tells CBS News there is has an amply supply of toilet paper at its distribution plants, and is working to speed up loading and unloading processes.

In response to the lack of toilet paper on shelves, customers are instead using wet wipes which will damage pipes in many homes. Those who use those products are advised to not flush them down the toilet.