Va. nonprofit offering incentives for people to get new job training

Posted at 2:39 PM, Nov 04, 2020

NORFOLK, Va. - If you've lost your job or had your hours cut because of the pandemic, a Virginia nonprofit can help.

VA Ready is offering incentives to encourage people to get new training for in-demand jobs.

They'll pay $1,000 to people who complete an eligible program through a Virginia community college.

Programs that are eligible are part of the FastForward program, which pays two-thirds of your tuition.

Many of the courses take just six to twelve weeks to complete.

Since the nonprofit launched over the summer, they've seen a big response.

"We have nearly 400 people in courses today, and we've already had 26 people come out the backside and I believe all of them have jobs," said Glenn Youngkin, VA Ready co-founder.

There are a variety of occupations in which people can get training, including technology, healthcare and trades.

"These are high-growth sectors, in-demand jobs, and at a time when we have record unemployment, I just think it's a great opportunity for people to find a new beginning," said Youngkin.

You can learn more and see what steps you need to take to participate on the VA Ready website.

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