Virginia Beach-born fitness apparel brand gives back to gyms feeling financial strain

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Posted at 1:47 PM, Jan 25, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - For several months, gyms across Virginia were shuttered due to coronavirus.

"We just wanted to give back in a unique way and to keep fitness going strong," said Born Primitive owner Mallory Handlon.

Born Primitiveis a fitness apparel company headquartered in Virginia Beach. Handlon decided it was her duty to take the weight off the workout centers in a pinch due to closures.

"Our brand stands for working hard and not backing down or making excuses," said Handlon.

The female-owned company, founded six years ago in a garage, said from day one they had to stand for something more.

"You are born small and weak; you die small and weak, but what you do in between is your choice. That sums up our brand," she said.

What they decided to do was create the "Back to Gyms Stimulus" plan.

"We were able to donate 50% of profits for 10 days straight to CrossFit gyms and other gyms all across the nation," she said.

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The stimulus plan helped 2,000 gyms, donating nearly $187,000 in funds.

To date, Born Primitive has donated more than $900,000 dollars to various charities.

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