Virginia Beach inmate accused of calling victim 160+ times from behind bars over course of two months

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Posted at 12:00 PM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 14:39:35-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Jerimi Douglas remains locked up in the Virginia Beach Jail, accused of violating a protection order back in January.

While being locked up, he is accused of calling a woman more than 160 times from jail over a two-month period, court records state.

Between January 7 and January 12 alone, Douglas is accused of calling a woman 113 times from the jail, according to court records. The woman blocked the number, and records state that Douglas would use a different number and have a relative forward his calls to the woman.

Documents indicate that police have recorded jailhouse interviews involving Douglas and his relative.

They say he told the relative to retrieve personal pictures of the woman on his computer and threatened to send them to her current place of employment if she didn’t drop the charges.

The woman told News 3 she has also received many unwanted letters from the suspect.

News 3 reached out to the jail about this situation, and officials said they are assisting Virginia Beach Police with the investigation. They issued the following statement:

We do screen all inmate mail; however, our mail clerks are primarily looking for indications of criminal activity and/or information that would compromise the safety and security of the jail. They do not have a list of every inmate’s victims, so they are unable to screen for letters that may be in violation of a protective or no-contact order. If a victim is receiving unwanted mail from an inmate, especially mail that violates a protective order, we would advise them to “return to sender” and/or turn it in to the Police Department as evidence that the protective order is being violated.

Third-party calling is prohibited and, if our phone system detects a third-party call, it terminates the phone call. However, it is an imperfect system and the inmates are sometimes able to find ways around it. If in individual is receiving unwanted phone calls from an inmate, they have several options available to them:

1. Reject the call (all calls from the facility include a pre-recorded message that the call is from an inmate and gives the recipient the option to accept or reject the call).
2. Block the number.
3. Report the unwanted calls to us and we can have their number added to the list of blocked contacts (which means no one at the jail will be able to call their number).
4. Report the calls to the Police Department if they violate a protective order and/or are harassing in nature.
Virginia Beach Jail

Douglas is being held in jail without bond.