Virginia Beach man to serve 10 years behind bars for home invasion robbery of fellow Sailor

Prison bars
Posted at 9:44 AM, Oct 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-31 09:44:18-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - A 22-year-old Virginia Beach man and Navy Sailor will serve 10 years behind bars after being charged with a home invasion robbery of a fellow Sailor.

According to the Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney's office, Jacarie Harry Wynn was charged with three counts of robbery, statutory armed burglary and use of a firearm in connection with an August 2020 incident. He was sentenced to 53 years in prison with 43 years suspended.

Court documents say that the victim, who knew Wynn from serving in the Navy together, agreed to buy marijuana from Wynn August 15, 2020. Seven people were in the victim's apartment when he and Wynn agreed to meet there to complete the transaction.

When Wynn and another person arrived at the victim's apartment, the victim attempted to pay for the marijuana with Apple Pay, then went back into the apartment. Wynn then told the victim that the transaction was unsuccessful, and when the victim went back outside Wynn and his co-conspirator drew a handgun on the victim.

The victim, Wynn and co-conspirator went back into the apartment, where Wynn allegedly pistol-whipped the victim in the back of the head before drawing his gun on the other people in the room and taking four cell phones and one wallet from them. Wynn also attempted to transfer money from the victim's stolen phone into his own account.

The victim and his friends called the police, and after an investigation police identified Wynn as a potential suspect.

Wynn was tracked to a Norfolk apartment 10 days after the incident. He was arrested after jumping off a second-story balcony and attempting to run away from the scene.