Virginia reports 7,491 coronavirus cases, 231 deaths

Posted at 10:29 AM, Apr 17, 2020

The Virginia Department of Health updated their numbers on Friday in regards to the impact of coronavirus on residents.

According to their website, there are now 7,491 cases, 1308 people hospitalized and 231 coronavirus related deaths.

A total of 48,997 people in Virginia have now been tested.

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association also updated their numbers. As of Friday, there are 809 people currently being hospitalized for coronavirus. There are 499 people currently receiving inpatient hospital care whose test results are pending. 400 confirmed positive patients, and those whose test results are pending, are currently hospitalized in the ICU.

224 hospital patients, both confirmed for coronavirus, and those with test results pending, are currently on a ventilator. 622 ventilators are being used in hospitals out of the 2,862 in the state - that's 22% usage.

1,110 patients who have been hospitalized for coronavirus have been discharged.

On Friday Gov. Northam announced he signed an executive order eases licensing restrictions for medical professionals to allow for more medical response to COVID-19 patients.

He also said testing criteria will be expanded to include people who are about to be admitted into long-term care facilities to help stop the spread in them.

Here's the breakdown of confirmed cases in local areas:

  • Chesapeake 147
  • Accomack 28
  • Northampton 5
  • Hampton 78
  • Norfolk 105
  • James City County 138
  • Newport News 100
  • Poquoson 6
  • Williamsburg 19
  • York County 33
  • Portsmouth 63
  • Gloucester 20
  • Virginia Beach 265
  • Franklin City 9
  • Isle of Wight 69
  • Southampton 7
  • Suffolk 70

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