Virginia Tech students bring chemistry to kids with video demos

kitchen chemistry
Posted at 4:47 PM, May 27, 2020

NORFOLK, Va. - Some Virginia Tech students are bringing chemistry to kids while they're stuck at home.

Dr. Amanda Morris, an associate professor in Tech's chemistry department, had about 15 of her students create online videos demonstrating fun science experiments.

The series, called "Kitchen Chemistry," is part of a partnership with Wonder Universe: A Children's Museum.

The experiments are geared for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade, using supplies you can generally find around the house.

"They ranged in topic from the simple -- extinguishing a candle when you put a cup over it. So, why does that happen? To more complicated experiments like the electrolysis of water," Morris said.

Morris said she thought it would be a good way for her students to serve the community.

“Parents right now are struggling to find activities for their kids. I can tell you I'm one of them," Morris said. "I have a preschooler, and so these demos were things that could take a few hours of time or maybe even just 15 minutes, and you can do something fun together with the kids that's not only educational, but yeah, for sure, would inspire this love of science in a kid from what they were watching. And hopefully it inspires them to continue to think about science as they move through their academic career.”

To see the videos, click here.

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