Virginia's latest numbers as coronavirus deaths continue to rise

455 additional cases, 66 new hospitalizations and 9 more fatalities in the state
Posted at 11:00 AM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-07 11:00:49-04

Virginia's number of coronavirus cases and deaths are continuing to rise.

On Tuesday, the Virginia Department of Health confirmed that there have been 28,645 people tested. Out of that number, 3,333 cases have come back positive with 63 cases being fatal.

That's 455 additional cases, 66 new hospitalizations and 9 more fatalities in the state confirmed from Monday.

There are a combined 1,183 confirmed positive COVID-19 patients who are currently hospitalized, or hospitalized patients whose COVID-19 test results are pending, according to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association.

The association also says that there are 2.533 ventilators available in Virginia hospitals with 692 of them being in use. That's a 27 percent share of ventilators being used in the state.

The age group in Virginia with the most cases remains the same as people 50-59 have 660 cases, as of Tuesday morning.

Out of the 3,333 confirmed cases, 1,718 of them are female patients with 1,563 being male. The number of cases can also be broken down into each amount of cases per city.

Here's the breakdown of confirmed cases in local areas:

  • Chesapeake 80
  • Accomack 11
  • Northampton 2
  • Hampton 43
  • Norfolk 72
  • James City County 119
  • Newport News 57
  • Poquoson 4
  • Williamsburg 9
  • York County 25
  • Portsmouth 36
  • Gloucester 15
  • Virginia Beach 200
  • Franklin 4
  • Isle of Wight 23
  • Southampton 5
  • Suffolk 30

During a press conference on Wednesday, Northam advised all Virginian's to wear face coverings while in public, in response to CDC's guidelines. People will not be given a citation for wearing face coverings in public.

On Sunday, President Trump said that FEMA has sent 300 million gloves, 8 million masks, 3 million gloves to localities to fight COVID-19.

Trump also said his hope that hydroxychloroquine, a treatment that is commonly used to treat malaria and lupus, will provide treatment for COVID-19 patients. The drug is one of many that are being studied for effectiveness.

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