What parents need to know before hiring a nanny

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 17:15:55-04

With many schools opting to go virtual this fall, finding childcare is a big struggle for many families.

Since a lot of daycare locations are already full, some people are turning to nannies.

Niki Worrell with the Williamsburg Nanny Agency says they've seen a drastic increase in demand recently.

"I'm getting calls from lots of parents in a very uncertain situation and really not sure the best way forward," Worrell said.

With the demand going up, that means the price families are paying is also going up.

Worrell says most nannies are earning at least $16 - 20 an hour with some able to charge up to $22.

If you're planning to hire a nanny, Worrell says there are some things parents need to know:

  • Call references and do a background check
  • Once hired, a nanny is considered a household employee which means you need to pay and file taxes for them.
  • Although not required in Virginia, you may want to consider workman's compensation insurance.
  • Write and sign a contract so everyone is on the same page.

"I think it's so important," said Worrell, "We always provide a contract for our clients and we custom write it so that it covers a lot of bases. You also need to include some wording in there about the Covid precautions that need to be taken by the nanny and by the family. You know, normal hygiene procedures, taking temperatures every day and families can ask that a nanny be tested for COVID before they start working for them."

Worrell says she's even had some families pay their nannies to quarantine for two weeks prior to working with their kids.

One final suggestion she has for parents: consider having the nanny work for a half or full day before actually hiring them to make sure they're a good fit for you and your family.

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