Windsor Police officers to get upgraded tasers

Posted at 10:44 PM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 13:44:26-04

WINDSOR, Va. – Windsor Police officers will soon be getting five new tasers to replace older ones that are outdated and out of warranty.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, town council members approved the purchase of the upgraded stun guns that’ll cost $12,800 over the next three years.

Police Chief Dan Riddle said the devices only last about four to six years.

Mayor Glyn Willis added it’s more cost effective to buy new ones.

“We’ve essentially got to spend some money to replace them,” said Willis. “They aren’t repairable; they need to be replaced.”

The approval for the new equipment follows last week’s meeting where council members approved spending more than $25,000 in taxpayer money to have Lexipol, a software company, review and update the police department’s policies.

Marlin Sharp of Windsor agrees with the council’s decision to appropriate the funding.

“It’s modern equipment, and it’s technology and it costs money,” he said.

The changes to police department are part of the ongoing effort to rebuild trust in the community following the body cam video of a December 5, 2020 traffic stop that drew national attention and outrage.

“I was disturbed when I saw the initial report,” said Sharp.

Sharp said officers have a tough job, and he believes the two officers were justified in the way they handled the controversial stop.

“Police officers have to respond to what they see, what they observe, at a moment’s notice,” he said. “They don’t have the luxury of waiting to see how things are going to develop.”

Chief Riddle was at Tuesday’s meeting, but he told News 3 he didn’t have time for an interview.

Meanwhile, officers will be trained on how to use the new tasers

“Our police department is looking to serve the citizens,” Willis said. “I was looking at the police report at the number of calls they make, and they’re doing everything they can to keep us safe.”

To help offset the cost of the tasers, the police department will use a state grant of $4,707.